Common Sense Tea

Ten Sugary Spoonfuls of Common Sense…

1. Before you hit publish, you need to know that someone out there is going to hate your book. Absolutely *can’t believe this crap is allowed on the face of the earth* type of HATE it. And, that’s okay. It’s actually more than okay, because even when somebody realllyyyy hates it, Somebody else will reallllyyy love it. And they’re going to love it HARD. <3

2. You can’t please everyone, and you can’t be perfect. If you truly want to write a perfect book, leave the pages blank. And if you truly want to please everyone, never do a single thing.

3. No matter how many copies you sell on release day (whether it’s one, ten, or 100, you are a success. You wrote and published a book while millions of others can only say, “One day I’ll write a book.” You actually did it.

4. You are *always* going to get the following type of feedback on your work, so you might as well accept it right now: 1) I was disappointed. 2) It was nothing like I thought it would be. 3) I expected more, 4) Not my fave by this author. ¬†**Re-read point number 2 ūüôā

5.¬† So and so’s ranking and so and so’s drama are not going to pay your bills at the end of the month. It’s not going to get you more readers or spur more sales for *you* so…Do your best to *ignore* all of that. Focus on you and what you need to do to get the life and career you want.

6. Have some common sense.¬†The indie world is a small one, but it’s actually a lot bigger than you think. Before you put up a rant–about anything, I want you to imagine a new reader randomly falling in love with one of your books. Said reader looks you up on Facebook to tell you just how much she¬†loved it, but the first thing she¬†sees is a rant about your drama and all these mean things you just *had* to get off your chest. So¬†instead of her¬†posting a nice message on your wall, she’s¬†making¬†a mental note to never purchase anything you¬†write¬†ever again. (Now, multiply that by about 100. Not worth it. It’s never worth it…)

7. Know that no one owes you a living. Just because you *chose* to be an author, doesn’t mean that you *deserve* sales, success, or readers. You’ll have to work your ass off and make it happen–especially in today’s crowded market. (How do you know you’re working your ass off? You don’t make excuses. You make time. You don’t follow other people’s drama. You follow your dreams.)

8.¬† Know that in order to be successful, you have to accept that everyone will not and cannot like you. It’s not your job to be liked. It’s your job to write. You can’t afford to waste your time trying to get anyone on your personal bandwagon because life is wayyyy too short to care what someone else thinks of you.

9. Accept that every time you make an excuse as to why you can’t do something, you’re only cheating yourself. The only person in control of your career is *you*, so you are responsible for doing all you can to make it the best career possible.

10. LISTEN. Listen to the people who try to help you. Of course, you’ll have to make tweaks here or there to make the advice suit you. And of course you can’t follow every suggestion to the letter, but if someone is trying to help you, and you honestly need their help, what’s the worst that could happen if you actually listen?

11. There isn’t really an 11 for this list…It just looked strange ending this checklist with a question..<3 <3 <3

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