Tea Kettle Sponsorship (Individual)


As you know (or, you should :-)) we’re running this event *at cost* which means the ticket price is calculated based on the exact amount we’re responsible for handing over to the hotel for renting their space + using their contracted food and beverage department. In other words, we’ll make the same amount of money off this retreat as we do by sending newsletters + running a blog: $0.

And, because we’re not above begging (Yes, this is us begging LOL), if you’d like to support our retreat, we’re accepting super small donations from individuals. (Please don’t donate anything insanely large or we’ll send it back 🙂 ).

Sponsor the Retreat

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Sponsorship Teas: The Indie Tea Writing Retreat

Our tiers for individual donations are as follows:

Tea Leaves Sponsor

(Name placed on our website, via our Tea Leaves Sponsors section)

Tea Cup Sponsors

(Name printed inside official Indie Tea Writing Retreat program as an official sponsor + placed on our website via our Tea Cup Sponsors)

Tea Kettle Sponsors
(Name placed on 1 of 30 centerpiece placard(s) at retreat table(s) during breakfast, lunch, or dinner (“This table is sponsored by “[your name]” + Name printed inside official Indie Tea Writing Retreat program as an official sponsor +  placed on our website via Tea Kettle Sponsors)

Tea Party Sponsors 

(Email us before donating at this level, please. Like, seriously 🙂 )

To donate, simply send your designated amount via paypal to indieteablog@gmail.com (be sure to choose “send money to family or friends” option so paypal won’t deduct fees from us) and be sure to leave your name in the message. We’ll personally respond with our sincerest thank yous and confirm that we’ve received it within 48 hours 🙂 

Thank you so very much, 
Nicole London & Whitney G.